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Life has been super good lately. The holiday madness at work is long over, and while that does mean that I’m back down to 8 hour work weeks, I am definitely enjoying the time off regardless. No school and no work has given me loads of free-time and I’ve made new friends, seen old friends, spent quality time with my Sweetheart, celebrated the holidays quietly, played tons of Super Mario Galaxy, started each morning with a different flavor cup of coffee from our new K-Cup machine, went out for sushi a few times, spoiled myself a bit with things I’ve been meaning to buy for a while now like cozy sweatshirts and yummy hand creams and Lady and the Tramp plushies, designed a contest/poster board for work and exercised my drawing skills and, most enjoyably, taken a TON of nice, long naps (much to Ryan’s irritation!). I’ve been trying to get at least a few things done every day that I’ve got written down on my to-do list, and my goal is to be just about completely organized and all set for the next semester a BEFORE school starts at the end of January rather than weeks into it. I feel pretty good about it so far, especially because the openness of my schedule lately allows me the perfect balance of being the world’s biggest lazyass and still being relatively productive enough to get things done. Working, for the first time, through the crazy holiday season at a toy store in a mall has definitely made me appreciate my free time much more than I have since I graduated from high school. I’ve felt very much in a rut for a while, in just about every aspect of my life, but now I’m feeling spunky and refreshed and motivated again, and while I probably won’t end up doing all that I could with those feelings, just to have them back makes me very pleased and I hope they’ll stick around long enough for me to get things things I need to get done, done!

Also, I have a sushi roll from my dinner out earlier this evening with the Babes waiting in the refrigerator for my lunch tomorrow. NUMM.

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